Stairlifts Comparison Chart

Castle Comfort Stairlifts Comparison Guide

Many people when looking for a stairlift for themselves or someone they care about might start out not knowing anything about stairlifts and stairlifts suppliers, so they look for a stairlifts comparison website or chart like the one below. A little research on the internet, like you are doing, is a wise investment of your time.


A stairlifts comparison can help you to find out which models might be best suited to your needs. Different stairlifts will best play to different needs. When we compare stairlifts, then facts like the narrowness of your own staircase, for example, may indicate the installation of a slimline model. Also the often-overlooked weight rating of the stairlift might need to be taken into account too. By seeing all the main brands available you can get an overview and do your own stairlifts comparison to narrow down the likely candidates, for when you speak to an adviser on 0800 007 6959> <<< Keith or Ann will gladly take your call >>>7am to 11pm.


Pictures of stairlifts can give you a rough idea of how they might look in your own home, and you can order brochures for the main brand stairlift manufacturers on our contact page. Prices of stairlifts may also be a concern of yours and we generally give a guide price of from £895 for a reconditioned or ex-demonstration straight stairlift model. For comparison a reconditioned or ex-demonstration curved stairlift model would start from £2650, which is considerably higher because each curved lift has to be made to measure the different gradients of each step of the curved stairway.


If you want brochures of the main stairlifts we sell and a copy of our stairlifts comparison guide by post or email then call us on 0800 007 6959 7am-11pm or you can email us at anytime.


Straight Lifts

Acorn Superglide
Freelift Mondrian
Liberator Straight
MediTek 140
Minivator 1000
Minivator 950
Stannah Solus
Stannah Saxon
Stannah Sofia
Stannah Starla

Curved Lifts

Acorn 80
Freelift Rembrandt
Freelift Van Gogh
Liberator Curved
MediTek Multi-flight
Minivator 2000
Platinum Curve
Stannah Solus
Stannah Sarum
Stannah Sofia
Stannah Starla