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DNA Health Screening

Given the chance, would you prevent serious health problems before they occur?

Castle Comfort is involved in the launching of an affordable, new, cutting-edge system of DNA Screening which will change existing methods of preventative medicine, and it is available to everyone

Download our Heart DNA Brochure

Download our Heart DNA Brochure

A principle company in London has invited us to provide GP's, other health professionals and our readers, with full information on how the service works.

As such, it's expected that everyone's doctor will soon have full knowledge of this high-tech, advanced service that is completely non-invasive. Theresa May even spoke about this at Jodrell Bank recently, where she mentioned emerging technologies to cross reference people's genetics, habits and medical records with national data to empower doctors to make referrals earlier.

But you can get ahead of the game, before the average man or woman in the street finds out about this, and furnish yourself with DNA health information that was at one time, only available in the most exclusive private clinics. Now it is accessible and available to anyone who wishes to order one. Just visit our Targetted Genetic Testing partner to order a test.

You can also download our information brochure by clicking the image on the right.

In fact, as in other areas of the UK, your medic can be the first port of call, to discuss just what benefits can be had by a relatively small, private investment in your health, and therefore in your future. When you speak to your doctor you may mention all this, and just how you know about it, as you may know more than her/him!