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Reconditioned Stairlifts.

A second-hand, or used, stairlift can sometimes be a cheaper alternative to a brand new stairlift.

People often ask us if a reconditioned or second hand stairlift is worthwhile as they may have seen low prices advertised offering such models, but wondered what they might be getting.

All we can advise is to be very sure which model and age of lift is going to be installed, and whether the installer is qualified and more importantly insured to work with electricity and mobility equipment.

We can occasionally arrange for a reconditioned chairlift to be put in, in order to avoid someone having to leave their home, and when we do you can be assured that it will be professionally fitted by manufacturer trained engineers and that it will be less than 2 years old.

Some firms are still promoting low priced stair lifts, which can only be sold at such a price if they are many years old, and may even be cobbled-together contraptions made from a variety of different makes and models. They are also unlikely to have a water tight warranty or any kind of guarantees on their lift or their labour.

These dangers are very real so if you want a cheap stairlift that is also very safe then please Contact us and we can give you the facts. If budgets are tight we will happily arrange to spread the payments over time, so there really is no reason not to enquire about looking into one now.

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