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OR ... with just a few minutes of your time on the phone, we can instantly quote you an exact price. This will save time and the cost of a visit. Such a saving means that you can be quoted the best possible price in the UK for a stairlift.

If you are looking to invest in a stairlift you may have already searched for the big names such as Stannah, Acorn & Dolphin. However, as with many things in life, today there are many other high quality manufacturers, some of which you may not even have heard of.
The market share of these bigger brand names has considerably reduced in recent years due to the arrival of superb competing brands with a much faster response time. This, most importantly, means an installation cannot only be completed within a few days from order (rather than weeks) but at a lower price. This applies importantly to curved systems which have previously taken several weeks.
But for those who still believe 'a stairlift is a Stannah' just like 'a vacuum cleaner is a Hoover' then please Contact us. A quote for a Stannah product, whether new or reconditioned can be arranged. We do however, urge people to consider the alternatives before making a decision.

Prices of stairlifts may be a concern of yours and we generally give a guide price of from £995 for a reconditioned or ex-demonstration straight stairlift model. For comparison a reconditioned or ex-demonstration curved stairlift model would start from £3450, which is considerably higher because each curved lift has to be made to measure for the different gradients of each step of the curved stairway.
Some more expensive lifts have a long list of optional extras like different upholstery types and colours for example, or options for a wooden trim which makes the stairlift similar in appearance to a contemporary lounge chair. Also if the lift requires a hinged end piece on the rail then that is another common factor that will affect the price of your lift, and is usually needed if there is a doorway right at the bottom of the stairs that might be obstructed by the stairlift track and chair. The hinged or sliding track option makes it so that there are no obstructions around the doorway area. Extra factors like these, whether cosmetic or a necessity will, of course, increase the cost.
Beware of many tempting low prices. As ever - caveat emptor (buyer beware) and remember that as brilliant as the facility of the web is, evidence can be found on it that the world is flat! Common sense (fortunately) existed long before the advances of technology.

Give us a call on 0800 007 5050, 8am to 10pm 7 days a week, and we can get you a no obligation quote or more than one quote for the right stairlift for your situation and staircase.

Minivator Stairlifts

Minivator stairlifts are proudly manufactured in the West Midlands and the range from Minivator is available for straight stair-cases and also for curved and narrow stairs.

The Minivator StairliftThe Minivator Stairlift can be installed where, sometimes, others cannot.
A number of special factors make their stairlifts unique. Firstly their curved rail has the advantage of being closer to the wall than other brands which means they can be installed in cases where other lift manufacturer's products simply cannot fit.
Secondly the Minivator has the option of an automatic retracting hinge at the bottom of the stairs. This is ideal as the most common type of house in the UK is the 3 bedroom semi-detached, which often has a stairway that ends right near the front door. The stairlift track would therefore run virtually right onto the welcome mat behind your door. With the Minivator retracting hinge this is different because after the stairlift is put into its parked position the bottom section of track will glide back up the stairs out of the way of the door, giving plenty of space for people coming in and out or going into the front room.


Currently these lifts can be purchased on 0%APR finance over one year. So if finances are a concern you can rest easy knowing that a high quality stairlift can now be installed, and be affordable for virtually everyone who wants one. Get in touch if you would like to get a brochure about one of these models or we can book you an appointment and take a look at the stairs at the same time to see what will be best.


With a 365 days a year 24 hour backup hotline you are always within easy reach of help should you need it. All of Castle Comfort's stair lift installations carry a year's guarantee at a minimum to give you peace of mind. Optional extended warranties can be purchased for all of the lifts we supply at a small additional charge. Why not join the thousands of people who have chosen a Minivator to help them "every step of the way. "

Here's a summary of the top features of the Minivator Stairlift and why buying one can help you.
  • Sleek and good looking design - a choice of 6 colours available to suit your decor
  • Safe and Reliable - these lifts have been manufactured to exceed the UK standards
  • Suitable for a wide range of stairs and users - their range is available up to 200kg
  • Easy touch controls and optional armrest widths, automatic folding footplate and hinged track
  • Quick and cost effective lift with dedicated backup
The Minivator Chair
For the technically minded customer, below are the main measurements for the Minivator 1000 straight stairlift - the most popular from their range.
Overall Width of Chair 55-64*cm 22-25 inches
Width Inside the Armrest 46-56*cm 18-22 inches
Overall depth (folded) 36-43*cm 14-17 inches
Seat Back height 45cm 18 inches

* Extendable arm spacers/seat depth can be specified prior to order, to accommodate you exactly.


As well as indoor lifts there are also external or outdoor stairlifts available too, so you can access a garden or garage on a slope outside. In fact the myriad of choice of the models available might be a little confusing, so why not allow us to help you narrow down the options to the one that suits you best? Call us on 0800 007 5050 and we can arrange to visit the property to get an accurate measurement of the staircase(s) and also to find out what the needs of the stairlift user are, in order to gauge the right one for you, and the right one for your stairs.


Brooks Stairlifts (manufactured by Acorn)

Brooks Stairlifts, manufactured by AcornThe Brooks stairlift can be fitted in an hour
The original Brooks Brand was acquired by Acorn in 2001. It was an innovative acquisition as Brooks was no longer trading but Acorn were quickly becoming the largest manufacturer in the world and now had a famous historical brand in their portfolio. These days the product is essentially the same, produced in the same way and often installed - if ordered direct with Acorn - by the same engineers. The after care - again when ordered direct - is the same.
So why two identities? Effectively the Brooks brand is applied when obtaining a stairlift for a direct installation through a trade company like Castle Comfort. The latter, can be much more economical as often the services of a visiting agent are not necessary. However, this may not always be the case - as very often our manufacturers often have special offers on the table to attract business. Just Contact us for further details and advice just how to obtain the best possible deal in the UK.


The original Brooks stair lift company was started in the 1970's by a Daimler vehicle engineer called Fred Brooks, who had invented his model of a lift for his stairs to help his wife climb up them more easily, as she was suffering with arthritis. Updating and improving his design as time went on, the demand for his invention outstripped supply with people hearing about its benefits from health practitioners and through word of mouth.

Nowadays the Brooks or Acorn Stairlift is one of the the best selling lifts in the UK today, and for very good reasons.
  • Economical to buy and to run - costs just pennies per day.
  • Slim line design - it's unobtrusive on the stairs.
  • Strong and stable - it's rated up to 20 stone (127kg).
  • Easy to use controls on the lift and with remote controls too.
  • Fitted in less than an hour.
Technical specifications for the Brooks (or Acorn) stairlift.
Overall Width of Chair 56cm 22 inches
Width Inside the Armrest 44.5cm 17.5 inches
Width of the backrest 37cm 14.5 inches
Depth of the seat 41cm 16 inches
Top of footrest to top of the seat 44.5cm 17.5 inches
Required Space from bottom of stair 66cm 26 inches
Wall to seat height 4cm 1.5 inches
Overall height of seat 49.5cm 19.5 inches
Overall height 102cm 40 inches
Footrest surface to floor 11.5cm 4.5 inches
Overall depth (folded) 32.5cm 13 inches
Overall depth (footrest down) 58.5cm 23 inches

Download the Brooks Stairlifts Brochure here


Brooks Stairlift is a popular choiceThe Brooks, or Acorn Stairlift, has a slimline design.
If you are unsure if this lift will be suitable for your staircase then why not book a free no obligation stairs assessment so we can advise you on the best lift for your situation. Just call us on 0800 007 5050 8am to 10pm to book a survey or to order a brochure. You will probably be answered personally by a director of Castle Comfort - not a call centre or answer-phone. But in the event of the latter - just leave a message for a prompt return call.

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