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Types of Stairlift

There are differing models of stairlift available for installation today in the UK. You also have a choice of reconditioned stairlifts or new models. We recommend, where possible, that a new installation is made so that you have a fresh seat to sit on and the maximum of benefits from a full extended warranty. Used models don't usually have as long a guarantee so it might not be as economical as you may have first thought.

A stairlifts comparison study can help you to find out which models might be best suited to your needs. Different stairlifts will best play to different requirements and different settings. There are no 'bad' stairlifts, as with most 21st century advanced technological products with circuit boards and computerised analytical processes. Compare chairlifts with the motor car. Those remembering construction years ago of our motorway systems, a hard shoulder was provided to accommodate the high number of broken down vehicles. High tech vehicles don't break down these days. All things are more reliable!

But when we compare the choice of stairlifts, then facts like the narrowness of your own staircase, for example, may indicate the installation of a slim line model. Also the often-overlooked weight rating of the stairlift might need to be taken into account too. By seeing all the main brands available you can get an overview and do your own stairlifts comparison to narrow down the likely candidates for when you speak to an adviser.


Any stairlift has to be fitted professionally, and will cost from several hundred to several thousand pounds depending on the model chosen. I strongly suggest you get an advocate who knows the market, a professional who understands how it all works and who can give you free unbiased advice.


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Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are used for gaining access to the bedroom and bathroom again upstairs and making going up and down the stairs effortless. Installation is swift, without any mess or fuss and we will often have your stairlift completed in less than one hour, and all without affecting the wall of the stairs or the decoration of your home in any way. No modern stairlifts in any way connect to the wall, contrary to what many people think.

The straight stair lift will also fold up unobtrusively against the wall when not being used, so that your stairway is freely accessible by other members of the family or for deliveries being made to the upstairs (for instance an electric bed). Occasionally the layout of the stairs at the bottom of the landing near to the front door might require the addition of a hinged or folding track which keeps the entry porch area clear for visitors.

Demonstrating a Hinged Track on a Straight Stairlift
Standard Straight Stairs

The straight stairlift is the best selling model of lift, usually fitted over a standard 13 step run of stairs, though if your stairs have more (or less) stairs than this, that's perfectly fine. Just call us with the details and we can give you a no-obligation quote.

Regarding the costs of stair lifts, these are modestly priced compared to the curved lifts as more often the stair way is a set length and configuration as mentioned, which helps keep the price down. For the budget conscious reconditioned straight stairlifts can sometimes be available for less than £1000. Generally a new model will be a little more than this, but not as much as you expect. For some people who are not keen on sitting on someone else's seat, a brand new lift is a better option. It is important that you get the correct specification on your lift, so we will always arrange for a professional to survey your stairs before installation.

Once your survey is booked you can start to relax, knowing that you or a loved one will soon be on the way to navigating the stairs in an easy and safe way again. A safety seat belt for the rider, obstacle sensors and a battery backup in case of a power cut, are included features at no extra cost and all combine to help maintain a secure future at home. A comprehensive warranty and backup guarantee is in place on all of our stairlifts no matter what time of day or night your enquiry.

Curved Stairlifts

Staircase with a bend

Staircase with a bend.

Seen here is a typical set of stairs requiring a '90' degree system (one bend) and depending on the space and any obstructions at the bottom could possibly be fitted on the 'external' side (the right wall side looking up) - or the 'internal ' side. The curved stairlifts do have various options available depending on your stairs, so we will always arrange a free survey to determine the best options for you.

Our curved stairlifts are installed on staircases with bends, spiral staircases or those which have a straight run for some section and then turn for a landing or a small set of steps. No more struggling with the stairs, once you have a curved lift installed.

Staircase with a turn

Staircase with a turn

Again, a 90 degree stairlift system could be installed here on either side but sometimes, if the landing half way is suitably sized, two straight stairlifts can be a solution - saving on cost. In this instance, the rider simply has to get off the first lift safely on to the landing and continue the journey by the second lift.

Perch Stairlifts

The name of these lifts says it all. The user isn't required to fully bend their knees or hips, but instead perches as if on a stool. These lifts can also be used to navigate narrow stair wells as they have a narrower footplate.

Bridging Platform

A bridging platform is a possible alternative to a curved stairlift? Our video below gives an idea of how the platform can be used instead of a curved stairlift.
Why not call us to discuss your requirements.

Bridging Platform