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Castle Comfort Stairlifts is a family business with nationwide coverage

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Experienced in stairlift surveys and installation, we lead the way on price and service.

Our Stairlift company started in Stoke-on-Trent many years ago. Now Castle Comfort Stairlifts provide a Nationwide Stairlift service - so wherever you are in Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland or even Eire...we can help

Whilst we provide stairlift services to the whole of the country, we are still very much a family business. We pride ourselves on being a company that offers that 'local feel' and as such, we are only as far away as a click on your mouse - or a local telephone call. You'll be impressed with how your enquiry is handled.
Many people when looking for a stairlift, sometimes called a chair lift, for themselves or someone they care about might start out not knowing anything about stairlifts and stairlifts suppliers, so they look for a stairlifts comparison website or chart like our company produces. A little research on the internet, like you are doing, is a wise investment of your time.
Get a Stairlift quote over the phone

Many of us these days have a smart phone, or perhaps you have a tablet. If you go to our Stairlifts In Your Area page, you can find out just how smart you will be by getting your quote for a stairlift by using this modern but very simple technology.

To provide you with an accurate AND exact price we need to see your stairs and the immediate floor area at the bottom and top. These views can be obtained by simple photos sent by text, email or WhatsApp. And for the really expert gadget users we can, if necessary, even see a film of your stairs. And if any if this sounds space-age (or George 'Orwellish') relax.... it really is all simplicity in itself. Contact us now by any means with which you feel comfortable.

Stairlift quote by phone from Castle Comfort Stairlifts
Castle Comfort Stairlifts Prices By Phone

Or, listen to Keith here... (the slowest and worst person ever to learn to use a techie gadget!) explaining just how easy it is to save a lot of money by pressing a few buttons.

The founder and proprietor of Castle Comfort Stairlifts, a certain Staffordshire born Mr Keith Simpson (or 'THE STAIRLIFTS KING' as he has been dubbed) has developed, in almost two decades at the helm, a remarkable business style and reputation. Endless impartial and independent on-line reviews for stairlift sales and service can be easily found to back all these claims. We stress that whilst the head office of Castle Stairlifts is in Newcastle under Lyme (just next to Stoke-on-Trent) - a true and efficient service for your town is what you'll discover. To find the number local to you, go to our Stairlifts In Your Area page

Castle Comfort Stairlifts are now available in new locations around the UK. Of course you can still find us via our existing telephone numbers. Just call the Stairlifts number closest to you on our Stairlifts In Your Area page or our More Locations page and we will do all we can to provide you with the best stairlift prices.

We also offer our Stairlift services in Ireland and Spain

Is a stairlift really needed?

You will likely have many questions and might wonder if a stairlift is even necessary?

A social services assessment to get an Occupational Therapist's opinion on how easily the stairs are managed might be something you have thought about, and is a useful first step if you will be requesting a grant application for the funding of your lift.

Or maybe you already know that a stairlift is going to be needed and is a more preferable option to moving out of a home into a bungalow, care complex or residential rest home, with the adjusting to new routines, new neighbours, solicitors and estate agents fees, moving costs and worst of all, the stress which all of that involves. Many homes have happy memories, and what better place to spend your years than in the home you love.

There is a wealth of stairlift models to choose from and you might wonder about the best place to begin. By researching the whole industry Keith was able to locate a reliable, quality lift, that his mother was happy with, and at a sensible price too. He is now able to pass his knowledge on to be able to help you.

Keith and Ann

Nearly twenty years later and Keith's knowledge, and that of his small team, is unique in the market and it is this expertise together with an old fashioned valued personal customer service, that has brought many families to choose Keith and Ann as their advocates when buying a stairlift. Keith and Ann are available to answer any questions from 7am - 11pm, something that is sadly missing from a call centre or anonymous website, (where you don't know where your personal details could end up.)


Call us to talk about Stairlifts on our freephone number 0800 007 5050 or use our contact us page.

What to expect from Castle Comfort Stairlifts

Our aim is to discuss your needs with you initially - and arrange either for a direct Castle Comfort installation - or to organise one (or more) quotes from, in our opinion, the best sources. We work intensively in the stairlifts industry and know which manufacturers have the best offers and what the most suitable type of lift for you is, within your budget.

There are many factors involved - your location, the type of lift, new or reconditioned, platform, hinged, perch etc. There are also rental schemes available upon which we can advise you. You may even be entitled to a grant or funding from an unexpected source. We can support you through all of this in an easy, jargon free way, so that you end up with the right lift for you, at the right price. Take the right step with an experienced guide to help you. We aim to respond within the hour... if not immediately upon hearing from you!

Speak to an advisor about Stairlifts on 0800 007 5050 We can take your call anytime from 7am to 11pm.

If you want hard copy brochures of the main stairlifts we sell, just call 0800 007 5050 7am-11pm or complete the Contact Form giving your full address and contact details.
Pictures of stairlifts can give you a rough idea of how they might look in your own home, and you can order brochures for the main brand stairlift manufacturers on our contact page. However most people want to know how much a new stairlift costs?

See us on the BBC

Castle Comfort Stairlifts like to help out when they can and have done many kind things over the years. This video is of an article that was on BBC Midlands Today about a lady in the West Midlands who had waited 2 years for a stairlift and the wait wasn't over! Keith and his team stepped in and installed a stairlift for free.

Castle Comfort installed a stairlift for free

Meet Keith the founder of the Castle Comfort Group.

In the video, Keith explains how his stairlifts company began and why you should contact him and his team when you are ready to buy a stairlift. He is not tied to any one supplier so he can give you an unbiased opinion that includes lesser known UK stair lift companies.

Keith Simpson, founder of Castle Comfort Stairlifts

Just a few of our clients comments

Google Review
Google Review Score = 5
See the review here

Fantastic company. Very very helpful. Definitely recommend you 100%
Thank you so much for your prompt service. All staff communicated with us to the highest standard.

Lisa Carter gave us 5 out of 5 on Google reviews.
Google Review
Google Review Score = 5

Fantastic experience when we purchased a stairlift recently. The whole process was efficient and painless. It was great to find a company who really know how to do their job, quickly and with no challenges! Thanks very much to you all for such great service. I can't recommend you highly enough.

Helen Lloyd gave us 5 out of 5 on Google reviews.
Google Review
Google Review Score = 5
Read the review here

Hello Keith just want to say thank you for the repair and politeness of your service man, who rectified the fault on my mum's chair lift.

I am sure she will get another 10 years of hassle free use from it.

Michael Scott gave us 5 out of 5 on Google reviews.
Google Review
Google Review Score = 5
See the review here

Keith and staff at Castle Comfort provided excellent advice on the stair lift we required for my Dad's home. I was always able to speak to someone if we had any questions and would highly recommend this company and also Acorn who installed the lift for us. Many thanks to Keith and team.

Sandra Cameron gave us 5 out of 5 on Google reviews.
Google Review
Google Review Score = 5
See the review here

How do you describe a company that goes out of its way to help non customers? Exceptional? Excellent? Estimable? Not good enough in our experience. Exemplary is a better description of a firm who rang other trade contacts to help us even though they had not supplied the lift in question. Do we have any regrets? You bet we do, that we didn't know about Castle Comfort two years ago. They not only gave us much needed help at a difficult time but restored our faith in human nature. So thank you Castle Comfort, your service is / was top-notch we will always be in your debt,
Val & Geof Sellers, Crewe.

Val & Geoff Sellers gave us 5 out of 5 on Google reviews.
Google Review
Google Review Score = 5
Read the review here

Learnt about Castle Stairlifts by word of mouth, when the competition was bombarding me for my business on the net. Found the proprietor to be friendly & not overbearing. Gave me good advice on disability products, bearing in mind that this was my introduction to the world of incapacity. Price was competetive to other companies & the lift was installed efficiently on the date of my request. Absolutely no complaints.

Michael Heath gave us 5 out of 5 on Google reviews.
Google Review
Google Review Score = 5
See the review here

Castle Comforts are a great company with your interests at heart. They always do their best to find you the best deals and are very easy to contact. I would highly recommend them.

Kimberley Young gave us 5 out of 5 on Google reviews.
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