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Meet Castle Comfort Stairlifts.

This phenomenon, specialising in the world of access products, is proud to be able to help with unique ways in your search for a stairlift.

Whilst they cover the whole of the country, you have found what is still very much a family business. You are dealing with a very different company always offering that 'local feel' and as such, they are only as far away as a click on your mouse - or a local telephone call. You'll be impressed with how your enquiry is handled.

So wherever you are in the UK, here is to be found a remarkable deal to consider. The founder and proprietor of this company, a certain Mr Keith Simpson (or 'THE STAIRLIFTS KING' as he has been dubbed) has developed, in almost two decades at the helm, a remarkable business style and reputation. Endless impartial and independent on-line reviews can be easily found to back all these claims.

Keith bought the old NatWest branch in Wolstanton in 1997
It began in 1997, when Keith bought an old abandoned bank branch.

His own ageing mother was in need of mobility products including, amongst other things, a stairlift. Shocked at the high prices the big national companies were charging in this sector - Keith used the old NatWest building, to purchase (wholesale) and assess special chairs and beds along with other mobility items.... but above all - STAIRLIFTS. He formed 'Castle Comfort' a name deriving from his home town of Newcastle under Lyme - part of the Stoke on Trent conurbation in Staffordshire. The very first (and exciting) delivery was in fact a riser recliner chair for his own mother. And then a walker... and then an electric bed... and then.... A STAIRLIFT.

Castle Comfort Centre as it is today
It had begun.

In fact his Mum, as you'll hear in Keith's first Internet film, made him do it. You'll hear just how things had remarkably and very quickly developed. In fact now, after two decades, Castle Comfort has now become one of the leading and most respected stair lift specialists in the UK. The business is still controlled very much hands-on by Keith, with his partner and co-director Ann Bruce.

It is stressed the affair is still very much a family one - supplying directly to customers their own flagship top-brand products. But also and possibly uniquely, acting as intermediaries by introducing people to a host of manufacturers and other access specialists, some small - some big (mostly British, but some foreign) in all areas of the UK, as well as Ireland and Spain. The Spanish links evolved during workaholic Keith's many visits to his parents spending their twilight years there. (See video of Castle Comfort Stairlifts helping an MND sufferer in Spain)

Recorded in 2010, Keith's mum encouraged him to start Castle Comfort Centre
Keith explains here just why you should put your confidence in Castle Comfort

Interestingly, the now totally renovated bank building, to this day, homes a local doctors' practice, as well as the 'ride a chairlift' show-house. So at Bank House, folk can actually come and see and try the different brands available, (as well as perhaps getting a check-up at the doctors!)

Now after two decades since those humble beginnings - Keith explains in the video, just why you should put your confidence in Castle Comfort - just as thousands have done. Castle Comfort's many verified reviews on-line, give assurance that you are doing the right thing in calling the team - and it's likely you'll get a 24/7 personal response and.. at director level.

You are, or someone very close to you is, - at this very moment - having trouble climbing the stairs. So please don't delay in making the first move RIGHT NOW to get it sorted.

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