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How much will a stairlift cost me?

There are many operators in the stairlifts business that just encourage you to fill in the reply coupon on their website. They have probably never looked after an elderly family member or understand the situation as well as myself and my small team.
We have all been involved in the supply of mobility aids and adaptations to family members and our own customers for nearly two decades. This understanding combined with running a low overhead company enables us to pass significant savings onto each customer who deals with Castle Comfort.

We do not have expensive press and television advertising to pay for so you get the right stairlift for your home at a great price.
Give us a call on 0800 007 5050 and we can get you a no obligation quote or more than one quote for the right stairlift for your situation and staircase. Don't delay - phone today.

What other matters influence the cost?

Prices of stairlifts may be a concern of yours and we generally give a guide price of from £895 for a reconditioned or ex-demonstration straight stairlift model. For comparison a reconditioned or ex-demonstration curved stairlift model would start from £2650, which is considerably higher because each curved lift has to be made to measure for the different gradients of each step of the curved stairway.

Beware of many tempting low prices. It is common for low figures to be advertised to encourage enquiries for some hard-sell organisations to get a salesperson though the door. Or of course low figures can often mean that older lifts are on offer which can be troublesome. As ever - caveat emptor (buyer beware) and remember that as brilliant as the facility of the web is, evidence can be found on it that the world is flat! Common sense (fortunately) existed long before the advances of technology.
A powered swivel might be required if the user doesn't have the lateral twisting strength or perhaps has weakness on one side, through arthritis or perhaps through a stroke. It would be a recommended option to add in, to be on the safe side, if the stair lift user doesn't have enough strength in their hands, fingers or arms. We would need to see the stairs and go through a brief questionnaire with the person whose stairs it is for, to confirm if this is the case.

Give us a call on 0800 007 5050 now to talk through your requirements.

Curved stairlifts are made to measure
Some more expensive lifts have a long list of optional extras like different upholstery types and colours for example, or options for a wooden trim which makes the stairlift similar in appearance to a contemporary lounge chair. Also if the lift requires a hinged end piece on the rail then that is another common factor that will affect the price of your lift, and is usually needed if there is a doorway right at the bottom of the stairs that might be obstructed by the stairlift track and chair. The hinged or sliding track option makes it so that there are no obstructions around the doorway area. Extra factors like these, whether cosmetic or a necessity will, of course, increase the cost.