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01538 779286

Stairlifts Leek

Welcome to Castle Comfort Stairlifts in Leek. Many people already know about us from visiting the Leek show, but if you don't yet know about how we can help you stay independent at home then read on.

A stairlift is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to maintain living in your own home if your mobility on the stairs is not as good as it was. Any concerns about any mess during their installation, worries over their costs or whether they are difficult or unsightly to use can be solved with these 3 facts.

1) Stairlifts anywhere in Leek or Staffordshire can be put in within an hour and with no damage at all to your furnishings or wallpaper.
2) All our stair lifts are surprisingly affordable and with a small deposit today you can secure an independent future for yourself or a loved one.
3) The lift seat and footrest fold unobtrusively back to the wall so you barely know it's there. To ride it, a gentle touch with either hand will glide you up or down in a whisper-quiet way.

You will always be protected with a guaranteed 24 hour stairlifts warranty for at least a year. An option to extend this is available for ultimate peace of mind.
Whether it is for yourself or someone else you care about, after two decades in the stairlifts business, we know a lot about serving people all over Leek and Staffordshire Moorlands with our famous Castle Comfort Stairlifts service.
When you call or fill in our contact page, we promise to do our very best to get you a great deal on your Leek stairlifts installation. Some of our past customers have left reviews and often recommend us to others.

Call 01538 779 286 today for a fast and friendly stairlift quote in Leek, without obligation.


Useful Information Related to Stairlifts in Leek

You can begin the process of applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant by contacting Staffordshire Moorlands Borough Council

You can ask Staffordshire County Council for a free Occupational Therapist assessment before applying for a grant by calling 0300 111 8010. Or you can decide to pay a suitably experienced private Occupational Therapist for an assessment before applying for grant. The cost of the assessment can be taken into account when calculating your grant but you will have to fund the cost yourself to start with and it may not be reimbursed.
Contact The College of Occupational Therapists can help you find a private Occupational Therapist.

We can supply and install new and reconditioned stairlifts throughout Staffordshire and the Moorlands. Contact us Today!