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South Yorkshire

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Stairlifts Rotherham

Looking for a stairlift in Rotherham? With a bewildering choice of models available on the market, it could be confusing if you aren't dealing with a professional lift company on your side that can help you. With over twenty years in the stair lifts industry Castle Comfort Stairlifts have helped many people to make their stairs easier again with a stair lift. Their old fashioned style of customer service has produced lots of satisfied reviews from people from all over, who wanted to find the best stairlift for them.

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There is no need to worry about any mess or fuss as the lift is simply and easily bolted to your stair treads. In this way the lift can be in and working in less than an hour for a straight model, a couple more if you need a curved stairlift. It doesn't cost much to run either, at most it's a few pence a day in electricity. They also come with a seat belt and remote controls so you can drive it at your own speed and feel safe.


Useful Information related to Stairlifts in Rotherham

If you have had a quote for a stairlift and are thinking you might need a grant, then you can apply to your local council for a Disabled Facilities Grant to to help pay for it. The first step for these means tested funds is to fill in an application and get an assessment from Social Services. They will look at your mobility needs within the home and also your income and expenditure to determine if you can go on the waiting list for a grant. The first step is to request an assessment from an Occupational Therapist by contacting the adaptations team on the details below.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
Riverside House
Main Street
S60 1AE

We can supply and install new and reconditioned stairlifts throughout the whole of Rotherham so contact us today on 01709 680 078.